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Back from Neumünster

So, the all-clear right away - "Mausi" does not seem to have injured herself in Neumünster. Somehow I had a bad feeling and therefore immediately withdrew my start in the World Cup Freestyle, although we were almost in the arena.

Photo: Lafrentz

But I didn't want to take the risk of riding over even the smallest injury. Even though the World Cup points would have been good for our account and Mausi was really in top form. But the health of my horses clearly comes first! So we drove her home - well wrapped up like a double raw egg (not just a "normal" raw egg as usual). And already at home there was nothing to see. Today, my husband David checked Annabelle (Z. u. B.:

Günther Fielmann) centimetre by centimetre in his clinic - and gave the green light. I'm so relieved! These are moments I don't really need ... Now we concentrate on our next planned start in Motesice, Slovakia.

With Daniela I am mega, mega, mega satisfied: first international tournament, first overnight tournament, first two-test tournament, first „scenery tournament", first Inter I (did I forget a "first time" now?) - and then already so sovereign!!!

Photo: Lafrentz

That just felt great - she's on a really good path. Of course, there's always room for improvement - that's part of our sport. And the one quad in the canter changes by three strides - okay. But what counts is that she has already learnt so much and that I was able to call on this in the test. I am really curious about her. Of course, there is always the hope that she will follow in the footsteps of her sire Damsey. And yes, I also see a future Grand Prix horse in her. Let's see if we succeed. But that's just up in the air. What counts now is that her international debut was more than successful with 72.892 percent and second place. And I am pretty sure that her breeder and owner Louise Leatherdale is just as happy about it as I am.


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