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Fänomen de Malleret and Gallaria's Fabajo successful

Wow!!! At the first go Fänomen de Malleret and Gallaria's Fabajo qualified for the Bundeschampionat in Elmlohe.

In the five-year-old class, Fänomen de Malleret (b.: Haras de Malleret) had some really great moments - and was already able to show off his potential: Canter 9.0, trot 8.5, permeability and overall impression 8.0 each - third place. He still found it a bit exciting for the first time at an "outdoor" competition with quite a cold wind and the many horses being loaded and unloaded.

Galleria's Fabajo (B.: Sportpferde Galleria) also delivered - and so routinely, as if he had done it umpteen times before. And this was just his second dressage class for young horses. Deservedly, I thought, he got a 9.0 for his rideability (by the way, the highest rideability score of all participants). And also for his trot he got a very good score (9.0). Overall 8.5 - second place.


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