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In the end, the very last strength was simply missing.

Three competitions on three consecutive days for a horse with such an amazing transmission - that was unfortunately a challenge for Galleria's Summerville in the World Championship Final for Five-Year-Olds. However, the final result of 7.92 is not a disappointment for me. On the contrary! I was totally fascinated by the unbelievable talent of this large-framed gelding, which Manuel highlighted so well during the test. Phew, if he's ever "big" - then hold on tight everyone!!! Summerville also has an incredibly positive charisma - and really fills out the arena. In other words: everything seems to be there "for later" ...

Besides the sporting aspect, Summerville has also matured mentally in Ermelo. An overnight tournament and this stadium setting. These are all new impressions for these young horses.

But this championship is only meant to be a stopover in their further training. And Galleria's Summerville (Owner: Galleria Sportpferde) proved with his great second place in the Small Final that he is absolutely on the right track. I am very much looking forward to being able to continue training this horse. But now, of course, it's time for him to take a break - and then we'll continue - in peace and quiet.

Escamillo and Manuel will be the 13th starting pair in the seven-year-old final on Sunday at 11.15 a.m. - please keep your fingers crossed!!!



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