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Los geht's in Neumünster

We arrived safely in Neumünster - fortunately, because storm Zeynep is already whistling around our ears. Ann-Christin was able to take advantage of the calm weather between the two stormy lows on Thursday and chauffeur "Mausi" and Daniela safely and comfortably - as they are used to from her - to the tournament. Both "ladies" are accommodated in fixed boxes and our hotel is also only a few hundred metres away from the Holstenhallen. Therefore, we are quite relaxed about the upcoming stormy night. Hopefully you are all at home and don't have to put yourselves in danger outside. Tomorrow Daniela (breeder: Louis Leatherdale) will start in the St. Georges of the Small Tour. Our joint tournament experience is limited to our two appearances in Ankum - and compared to that, this is a different story. Although the stands will not be full - PITY! - but I am still curious to see how she will behave in this impressive setting. Anyway, today in the last training session she was very beautiful. She is "tilting", as I like to call it, more and more onto the hindlegs and has clearly inherited the pirouette-piaffe-passage-walk-talent from her sire Damsey. But now it is first of all about riding her correctly through the test - whereby I always associate correctness with looseness. I was able to do this quite well in Ankum last time, which was shown by the fact that Daniela became even better and better in the test. I relaxed her more and more, she was able to snort and thus swing nicely. It is exactly this "fluffy-relaxed-positive-tense" walking that I would like to achieve tomorrow. Let's see if we succeed. In theory, it's absolutely conclusive and totally simple.

Photo: Lafrentz


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