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Schöne Scarlett in the future with Shona

Schöne Scarlett FRH will in future be ridden by my student Shona Benner, who also recommended herself straight away for the selection competition for the Prize of the Best in Langenfeld. „Scarletti" made her victorious debut in the international Small Tour at the CHIO Aachen last year. At the Burg Pokal Final in Kronberg, she was narrowly beaten only by her stable neighbour Straight Horse Ascenzione. I had a lot of fun training this highly talented and always ready to perform mare, bred and owned by Dr. Heidi and Wilfried Bouws, from the beginning of her seventh year and I am very happy to be able to accompany her further on her way with the also very talented Shona. The two have already given a first taste of how well the new pair harmonises. And for the future, it was planned that I will also sit in Scarletti's saddle again myself ...

Photo: Becker


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