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Summary German Championships Special and Freestyle in Balve:

"Mausi" once again showed two very nice tests, was consistently fine in the contact and had great highlights. Before the double changes in the Special we lacked a bit of forward for a moment, but this "problem" literally solved itself when she had lapped. Afterwards, this Annabelle lightness was immediately back, which I appreciate so much about her and which I would like to express even more with sovereignty and a spark of willingness to take risks. In the freestyle I thought she did a wonderful job - with wonderful springiness and also with the right flow into the forwards, because this time she didn't have to pant ... All in all, I am very satisfied with the development of Annabelle (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann). And now - after the obligatory post-tournament short holiday for "Mausi" - we will meticulously prepare for our next adventure, because we have been given permission to start at the CHIO Aachen. It will be Annabelle's first time in Aachen, although she already knows the dressage stadium since our Tokyo preparation in the summer of 2021. And she was very enthusiastic about it - especially about the lush green lawns that you can graze on as a VIP horse ...

Photos: Equitaris/Wegener


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