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The first World Cup points are on our account!

... and with a great freestyle result of 81.215 percent (4th place)!!! After Salzburg in January 2021, "Mausi" and I have now cracked the 80 percent mark for the second time. I am mega satisfied!!! Herning was a great start to the indoor season. Mausi (breeder and owner:

Günther Fielmann) showed herself from her best side, just like in the Qualifier Grand Prix. She was incredibly concentrated, always waited for my aids and really let herself be ridden on a string. Her freestyle to classical ballet music (which I think goes very well with her feathery movements) has a lot of maximum difficulties - and Annabelle is developing more and more inner composure and sovereignty. I really have the feeling

that she enjoys showing herself. This has to do with the increased show routine, but is of course also the result of our training. When task riding is on our training schedule, I first practise the "way" with my horses, i.e. the sequence of the required lessons. I don't usually ride through the entire task, but always just a few repetitions and repeat them, because - as they say in training theory: Repetition is the backbone of learning ... When the horses can do this well, I start to vary. For example, I don't passage at the point, but a little earlier or even a little later. This way I prevent the horses from going on autopilot, so to speak, and anticipating my help. Of course you have to be patient. What is written here in a few sentences is usually the work of years... but it is worth it!


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