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The Short Grand Prix

Let's start with our highlights in the shortened Grand Prix of Madrid. Mausi really had just the right temperature: every root of her hair was on the air and I thought we had a great start to the competition. Great expression, a lot of cadence and very fine contact in the trot tour. Light and easy! Wow! Very beautiful piaffe-passage transitions. An amazing pirouette on the right - something for the textbook. And very safe, and really beautifully uphill flying changes. In other words, lots and lots of light - but unfortunately also a few shadows. The cantering from the walk: well, that shouldn't really be done by trotting. But she "lurked" a bit and I consciously tried to stretch her again, but I didn't really succeed. After the flying changes, we didn't quite get into the left pirouette ideally and had to accept a short jump over. And in the piaffe on the final line, Annabelle was already one test ahead. She really wanted to show her beloved 360 degree piaffe, which also comes at the end of her freestyle. And it really took a few (seemingly eternal) kicks to explain to her that this is not on the programme until tomorrow, Saturday. Hach, a bit of a shame!!! Annabelle does such a great job, has so much quality and has developed so enormously. But, of course, you must never forget that compared to many other horses, she still has very little match experience. Therefore: Cheer up! And conjure up a great freestyle on the sand tomorrow ... please keep your fingers crossed!


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