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The World Cup Freestyle

YES!!! WE CAN!!! "Mausi" has won the World Cup Freestyle in Madrid - her first victory in this unofficial World Indoor Championships. And even with a score of over 80 percent. Of course I am happy about the victory. But I am even more happy about how we achieved this success. And above all, revel in the feeling of the final line. THAT! WAS! THE! INSANE!!!!! Riding by thought transfer, no longer two bodies but one body felt. I can hardly put it into words. There are gifts that only horses can give you. And today I got presents! Thank you Mausi - for that I like to get up early or go to bed late, for that I don't mind sweating or freezing, for that I go to the end of my possibilities or beyond, for that I do without many things or tear myself apart in various ways. Only, for example, to ride such a piaffe-passage tour as today. And the icing on the cake - I know I'm repeating myself -: I think there's even more to it ... But enough raving now - back to the facts. After our Grand Prix yesterday, I thought a lot about it. That's why I rode Annabelle again briefly in the morning. Not to train her in addition to breaking her in before the test. No, but simply to get her in the right mood for what was to come. So a short ride in and out of the piaffe. Very easily, very calmly. That's how I did it immediately before entering the arena. And I noticed that she had understood it - and was able to call it off in the same way in the test. That was super! I have to mention the changeover mistake at the beginning of the test - which was also due to the fact that Annabelle was of the opinion that she already knew what was coming and would do it... We still have a bit of work ahead of us. But now I'm just happy - and incredibly proud of this horse. Mausi - that was a great performance today! And many, many thanks to our great supporters on site: Monica, Christian and of course Ann-Christin!


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