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Casey und Diesel zurück in Kalifornien

Goodbyes are always not my thing - especially not when it comes to Kasey and her Diesel. The two were here for two months to learn and refine the Grand Prix "craft". Together they have already won and placed in the international Small Tour in their home country, the USA. And now it continues with Pi and Pa. The two of them are a great couple, they are very well coordinated and do a really great job together. By the way, if the name Diesel caught your attention - yes, that's right, it's Damsey's younger full brother. Funny, the two really have a lot in common, even if the brown colour and the wide blaze don't necessarily suggest the relationship at first glance. Both with incredible potential - and both with a real personality. Must be in the genes. Casey and Diesel have already arrived in sunny California - and from now on our training continues online. Yes, you heard me right! Most people will know that I'm the exact opposite of a technique freak, but I can handle the online training. And since I love giving lessons just as much as I love riding (even if I just don't have the 48-hour day), it's a great way to "keep up".

But now I'm concentrating on the Burg Cup Final - my two ladies Ascenzione and Beautiful Scarlett are in top shape - and all three of us are already digging in our heels. We'll be in touch from Kronberg!


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