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"Elsa" has moved

It is always difficult to have one's own breeding products bred, but "Elsa" is in the very, very best, nurturing hands with Nadine Husenbeth. Elsa, who is now four years old, has already shown great talent under saddle, so I am very happy about this Perfect Match!

Elsa is a daughter of Tesla, a very successful stallion in the USA, who was brought into the sport by us. Her mother Double Chocolate descends from my former Olympic stallion Damon Hill NRW, produced the currently S-placed Dr. Dee (by Dimaggio) and is half-sister to my also homebred S-horses Frank Sinatra (by Fidertanz), Drama Queen (by Deveraux), Littlefoot (by Lissaro van de Helle), Bambi (by Bordeaux) and Dreikäsehoch (by Dimaggio).


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