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Püppi has moved.

My heart bleeds a little, after all, I was there when she was born, romped around in the pasture at her mother's side, had a saddle put on her for the first time, won her first show ribbon - by the way, a gold in the 2017 riding horse competition in Neuenkirchen - was successful at the Bundeschampionat, presented herself superbly at the World Dressage Horse Championships, went her first advanced level and also did a top job in various Burg Cup qualifications .... But now I feel like many breeders - one day you have to let your darlings go. And that moment was now approaching. But we found a great new home for Drama Queen in Switzerland, with the Rietiker family. And the best thing is: Püppi doesn't even have to get used to a new rider's name. Because her new rider is also called Sabrina, like Püppi's trainer Sabrina (Geßmann). Sabrina Rietiker has ridden her way into the Swiss junior squad with her two horses Avangarde de Lus and Cuantano SL (who, by the way, she also discovered at our stable) and now wants to take off internationally. She is a great talent, brings a lot of feeling for riding and is a perfect match for Drama Queen - the two of them are a real dream team that we will be hearing a lot more about. I am sure of it! Thank you, dear Sabrina (Geßmann) once again for the super solid training of my breeding "products"!!! And have fun and all the best, dear Sabrina (Rietiker), with my Püppi!!!


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