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80 marke broken

For the fourth time in our joint career, "Mausi" and I broke the 80 percent mark - and received a super great and at the same time motivating report: with marks up to 9.0 (among others for the harmony between rider and horse). Our Nutcracker Freestyle, which is peppered with the highest difficulties (and for which, by the way, we received marks up to 9.8!!), was well received by spectators and judges alike in the World Cup quadrangle in Madrid. Wow, that was fun! That is just Annabelle's music - she really is a dancer!!! Sure, we would have loved to repeat our win from last year, but we had to give way to the World Cup bronze winners Duke of Britain FRH and Freddy Wandres (absolutely deserved!). Annabelle (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann) was awesome!!! She was already great in yesterday's Qualifier Grand Prix, but we had "given away" a few points in the not-so-beautiful transition from walk to passage and in the two-way changes. With a score of 72 percent we came fourth - and with second place in the freestyle we have now moved up to ninth place in the current World Cup ranking. I am correspondingly happy!

Photo: Afonso Bordallo Rodrigues/@ABRFotografia



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