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83,072 percent!!! Bronze for Escamillo and Manuel in the World Championship Final of the seven yo.

And just like in the qualification - with sensational highlights, such as the incredibly placed left spirouette, the textbook overstrike and the ideal changes. Unbelievable how much potential Escamillo has and what a fantastic work attitude he has.

Photo: Lafrentz

But unfortunately a few technical mistakes crept in. He wasn't really into it, because he had spontaneously fallen in love with a mare on the warm-up ring. And a power stallion like Escamillo can get a bit carried away with his hormones.

But that's not so bad! I think everyone saw that this stallion, owned by Kimberley Davis-Slous, really has EVERYTHING (!!) for our sport - and now, after he had already won silver in the six-year-old class, he was once again on the World Cup podium.

I was especially pleased about the praise from the head judge Peter Storr for Manuell's soulful and smooth riding! Manuell had already shown Galleria's Summervolle in the five-year-old final. Christian and I had a lot of fun training the three of them.



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