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Accepted ...

We are ready to go!!! "Mausi" passed the Vet.-Check for the World Cup Final in Leipzig without any problems. And we almost completed the pre-trotting without any escalation, but at the turning point the horses went crazy with her ... she is simply on fire, the good one! The training in the hall was great. The setting is really amazing: a huge exhibition hall and the stands built right up to the roof. It will certainly be mega when filled - and I'm really happy that our sport can finally take place with spectators again. Maybe a bit unusual at first - after two years of pandemic - but there is already a bit more tingling. Annabelle (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann) felt visibly comfortable in the arena, was a bit "on", but actually just the way you need it for an expressive presentation. After warm up, we repeat some of the exercises from the Kurz Grand Prix, just as I had done in Madrid and Neumünster, so that Mausi could adjust well to each individual lesson. Now I myself am curious to see how it will (hopefully) work out tonight: by lot we are 14th on the list. Start time: 8.27 pm - please keep your fingers crossed.

Foto: Lafrentz


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