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All eyes on Kwahu

So, the big stage, that's already Kwahu's thing. When all eyes are on him, ... he grows (inwardly) a few centimetres more. This was already noticeable last year at the Trakehner Stallion Gala in Neumünster - and now again at the show during the Trakehner Meeting in Münster-Handorf. In other words, the best conditions for the large arena. With all the concentration on the quality of the basic gaits and the rideability, the mental strength of the horses is also a very important point for me. Of course I try to make my horses self-confident through careful handling and well-considered training. The dressage horse is not only about the correctness of the lessons. It should look easy and natural. Simply beautiful - and enjoyable for the viewer! And the horses should enjoy what they are doing. With Kwahu (bred by Wolfgang Diehm, Hörstein Stud and Margit Eisner, Eisner Stud) I am quite sure that everything is easy for him because he has a basic trust and the right amount of ambition.

Here at the Trakehner Gala show 2021. Photo: Lafrentz


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