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All the best, Sabrina!

There always comes a time for change - and now is such a moment. Unfortunately - as I have to say quite clearly. After almost seven years of a great collaboration, Sabrina will now go her own way. In the future, she will concentrate fully on training her training and client horses at her parents' facility. Of course I understand and respect her decision, but I regret it very much. Because you don't meet a person and rider like Sabrina very often. I am really, really, really grateful for the great job she has done for me and especially for my horses over the past years. And I am happy that she will continue to train two of my horses for the time being and that the contact will not be lost completely (especially as we are almost neighbours) - and we can continue to strengthen each other! Sabrina, all the best for the future. I have no doubt that you will be successful!

Photo: Wegener


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