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Another fun tournament

For Luka D it was his first ever competition - and the six-year-old really owned by Belgium owners showed a beautiful round in the medium dressage class for young horses in Ankum . Very concentrated, very even and very easy - and for this he received consistently high scores: a "good plus" (8.5) for the walk, the permeability and the overall impression and a straight "good" for the trot and the canter. A total of 8.3 - and a nice victory on his account.

For Kwahu it was his first "real" M* dressage, whereby the required task M5 is not so easy, especially for horses that are not yet so experienced. For example, the shoulder walk is required on the centre line - and of course this requires a very high degree of balance. I was all the more pleased that he (B.: Margit Eisner and Hörstein Stud) did really well. At the first go over 70 percent - rank four. We are on a good way!!

Photo: Mhisen

Photo: Lafrentz



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