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Back in Town!

Zoom is back in the arena after his breeding break with a really nice round. Expressive, totally easy and without any faults - 71.905 percent! The victory!

He purred so naturally through the S3 in Ankum - and that's exactly what I had hoped for.

This is a great basis, because we are already working a bit on the Grand Prix lessons - and I can talk out of the training box when I tell you that I think it can be really, really good. But we're not rushing into anything, we're letting him mature in peace. And in the meantime, we are gathering more tournament routine. I am very happy that he not only has mares on his mind, but also has a lot of motivation to work under saddle.

And in order to maintain this willingness to participate and to make Zoom (Owner: NRW Landgestüt) feel at home, he goes out to the paddock every day...

Photos: Mhisen



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