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Daniela and "Toto"

First Inter II, second attempt at 3* level - for Daniela (Breeder and owner: Louise Leatherdale). And that already felt very good when she was being ridden off and, above all, even more relaxed than last week in Hamminkeln. In the arena she held her breath for a short while, so that I didn't manage the first two lines the way I wanted to. But after that it went very well. Of course there were still a few rough edges ... but she fulfilled all the 3* criteria really well - and came sixth. "Toto was great. He has very big movements from home, but can already be collected very well. Legend of Toto Evo (owner: Franziskus S.A.) felt even more experienced, even more natural than at his last two starts. 72.374 percent meant the victory in the M5. By the way, one judge commented that he really melted away, that's how much he liked Toto ... that's how I feel too


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