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I'm sure you've already noticed the new hashtag in my posts: #FENDTasticTeam. With this, the sponsor Fendt is giving me the opportunity to collect euros by the end of November this year - and to support the work of an association with this money. I have chosen the Altrogge-Terbrack riding school , to which the Nottuln riding club is affiliated. The promotion of young riders, which used to be done here by Bernhard and Marga Altrogge and now by their daughter Maria Terbrack together with her husband Markus Terbrack, is simply exemplary ! The basics of classical horsemanship are taught here to children, young people and adults with great expertise, innovative ideasand a lot of passion. Absolutely fantastic! Accordingly, I am pleased to be able to promote this commitment of the Altrogge-Terbrack Riding School and the Nottuln Riding Club in this way - and will diligently use the hashtag #FENDTasticTeam ...


Photo: Becker


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