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First freestyle - third victory

Actually, I had the freestyle for Zaeta de Malleret (still) not really on my (training) note. But, after the St. Georges and the Inter in Riders & Dreams Slovakia had already worked out so well, I just wanted to take a chance. And what can I say? Mega, how great Zaeta (B.: Haras de Malleret Dressage Horses) participated!!! Of course there is still room for improvement. But the debut was already really of the very, very best.

And faultless!!!

So pure fun factor!!!

And the result of 78.135 percent is, in my opinion, absolutely respectable.

Also my student Shona succeeded the hat trick with the victory in the junior freestyle on Velvet. In the Young Riders it was again a second place on Dancing Florencia. Bravo, Shona - what a constant good series!

Photos: Ann-Christin Berger



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