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Further Successes

There are further successes to report: "Scarletti" won the advanced (S*) dressage in Rheden with a very fine performance. She is simply captivating in terms of charisma and balance. You could say she is a dressage horse for the joy of the sport. Since she is to compete in the Burg Cup Final in Frankfurt in December, this form check was very important to me now. Our last show was a while ago: at the CHIO in Aachen in mid-September, Schöne Scarlett (breeder and owner: Dr. Heidi and Wilfried Bouws) won the St. Georges with superiority. Rhede was therefore the perfect dress rehearsal - and also in terms of the score, as one of the judges awarded almost 77 percent ...

Schöne Scarlett. Photo: Becker

Second place behind Scarletti went to her stable neighbour Only Follow Me FE (breeder: Carl Louis Ferdinand and Paul Ferry), who is gaining more and more confidence. He has developed wonderfully and is already showing impressive consistency. Of course, sometimes he still lacks a bit of strength. But he is absolutely on the right track. And one of the judges even saw him at over 74 percent. This is a great confirmation of the work done so far - and of course motivation.


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