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"Goldi" and "Danny" in Ankum

For "Goldi" and "Danny" the S3 was on the programme in Ankum - and it went great with both of them: First place with 73.810 percent and second place with 72.024 percent. DSP Danny Cool (owner: Margit Eisner) was the first to present well!!! With his outstanding basic gaits and his rideability he collected a lot of points. Only the two pirouettes were unfortunately a bit out of round, because Danny wanted to show a full turn, but was only asked for a half turn. A small misunderstanding - but no problem - I always prefer horses motivated like that. Golden Romance de Malleret (Owner: Haras de Malleret) is really a comedian! He didn't leave anything to be desired in the test and let himself be ridden from lesson to lesson. There was nothing to complain about. Super!


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