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I don't regret anything!!

Maybe I risked a lot, but it was also a World Cup FINAL. When then, if not here? "Mausi" felt gigantic. It was electric - after all, it was the first time in two years that we were able to show ourselves in front of packed crowds - and Annabelle has never really experienced such a full house in her career. But she was also 150 per cent with me. Unbelievable! It was always my goal to be able to bring her incredible energy and her exuberant ambition paired with her incredible lightness and elegance into the arena. And I got that feeling in Leipzig. Even when Mausi (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann) heard the applause of our leader in the 10-minute preparation arena, she didn't let herself be irritated. It was exciting, but she remained fully concentrated! That made me very proud to have won her trust in the meantime. And in the freestyle itself, she scored points with her super expressive piaffe-passage tour, great side paces, safe flying changes (okay - maybe I should have left out the last two ones) and beautiful pirouettes. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Of course, there is always room for improvement in our sport, but I am simply delighted about this (stage) success - and sixth place with 78.839 percent!!! And I also congratulate Jessica, Cathrine, Isabell, Carina, Nanna and all the others - I thought this World Cup Final was an advertisement for our sport and for the almost indescribable fascination of being allowed to dance with horses ... I hope you enjoyed it too - thank you for your support!!! And of course, thanks to the organisers, who did not shy away from the risk of such an event in Corona times, and to my fantastic team!!! I am just happy!!! And totally motivated to continue training the horses in my stable on Monday - Mausi is now on holiday, as usual. She has more than earned it!

Photo: Lafrentz


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