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I was especially happy about Vayron!!!

He won the Inter II in Ankumer Dressur Club with over 72 percent. But neither the percentages nor the golden ribbon were the most important thing for me.

I had the feeling that he now has the confidence to do the difficult lessons under test conditions. So far it has worked really well in training, only at the show he was almost holding his breath a bit. If he were a human being, I would have said he was afraid of his own shadow. And now? Really sovereign and already with many great highlights.

Vayron (Breeder.: Rudolf Spiekermann) is not only really big and has a hell of a translation, he can also sit down incredibly and show enormous degrees of collection. Already at our last tournament I felt he is a bit more self-confident than the times before. And he doesn't make it so complicated for himself anymore and doesn't try too hard, but takes a breath and then just tries it out. And lo and behold, it worked!!!! Accordingly, I am happy with our performance. We still had a small mistake in the single. But I can live with that. Vayron has come a lot closer to his own potential ...


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