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If there was an 11 for character - Kwahu deserved it!!!

But one thing after the other. At the Trakehner Bundesturnier in Münster we were not "among ourselves". At the same time there was a foal show for Shetland, Partbred and other very small pony breeds. Really too cute. By the time we reached the warm-up area, we had met at least ten mothers with their colourful and sometimes even beautifully dotted "children". But Kwahu stayed cool. After all, he is a Trakehner - and proud of it! In any case, he really had himself under control. No question, this was really a test of character for a stallion. And Kwahu (B.: Margit Eisner and Hörstein Stud) more than passed. When the task started for us in the arena, he had to answer the neighing concert around him at least once... and so our turning away to the centre line became a bit awkward. And the trotting after the greeting was a canter. But after two jumps he had apparently said enough about himself. Anyway, he was immediately fully concentrated again and did a great test: 9.0 for walk, canter and overall impression, 8.5 for trot - and a 7.5 for permeability. But he is more than forgiven for that!!! With an overall score of 8.6 Kwahu clearly won the medium dressage test for young horses - to the delight of his co-owner Dr. Helmut Eisner, who had travelled to the show especially for him - and is thus qualified for the Championships.



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