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Kronberg - here we go!

Arrived - trained - happy! That could be the short version of our first day here in Kronberg. My two "ladies" are in the best of spirits, feel great and - it may sound a bit humanised, but that's really how it is - are really eager to get started. Especially „Zoni“ (O.: Tiffany Goldman). She was "on fire". Wow! But in an absolutely positive sense. She wants to - she can - she does. This horse is simply amazing: power, ambition, dynamics ... "Scarlatti" (B. u. O.: Dr. Heidi u. Wilfried Bouws) is in no way inferior. She also has that extra portion of will to participate and is wonderful to ride. She is fully present, but also completely relaxed. Simply mega focused! She didn't even glance at the Christmas decorations in the arena, which some of the horses had a closer look at. She has only been to a few competitions so far. Which, by the way, also applies to Ascenzione. I am really looking forward to celebrating both horses here in Kronberg. After all, we have been working towards this all year. And now we just want to show what we can do. Of course, mistakes still happen to us sometimes - but not because of a lack of talent, but because they are still a bit overzealous now and then. And I certainly don't want to "train away" that. On the contrary. Because that's exactly what we need for our sport to look effortless. I don't want to have the feeling with a ballet dancer on stage that he is exhausted by it all and would perhaps prefer to do something else now ... Of course, I would be a bit disappointed if we didn't even get a „spinach" bow in the end. But the annoyance that I didn't do better would quickly vanish. Because I am a firm believer in these two super mares. So, before we start, I would like to thank the Linsenhoff family for allowing us to ride here. In these times it is not a matter of course - and the conditions for our horses and also for us riders are really fantastic!

Photo: Lafrentz


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