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Kwahus first performance

I have been sitting in his saddle for less than two weeks, but our first performance with him at the Trakehner Gala Evening in Neumünster has already whetted my appetite for more.

I am talking about my new acquisition Kwahu. The Trakehner premium stallion, jointly owned by Gestüt Eisner and Gestüt Hörstein, descends from Millennium and goes back through his dam Kalinowska on Münchhausen and his granddam, the highly decorated Kasixta, to the Hörstein elite stallion Sixtus. By the way, Kwahu owes his unusual name - I had to do some googling first - to a beautiful stretch of land in Ghana, Africa.

The impressive backdrop of spectators during the gala evening didn't faze the black-brown beauty at all. I even had the feeling that he was enjoying the many eyes that were only focused on him. Short interviews from the saddle, riding with a bouquet of flowers in his hand, waving to the audience - no problem at all with Kwahu. And he is only five years old. Amazing! He really rests in himself, has a totally positive attitude and brings an incredible amount of elasticity and basic swing.


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