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"Mausi" in top form!

First long Grand Prix and first outdoor competition since the European Championships in 2021, first large outdoor setting in what felt like an eternity - and "Mausi" in top form!!! At the Pferd International in Munich Annabelle (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann) had a faultless start to the CDI5* tour. At least she was almost faultless: once she caught her breath and lost a short beat in the first strong trot and we had a little rumble in the zig-zag traversals. But all in all the test went really well! At first I wasn't quite sure how she would react. During training she was impressed by all the people at the warm-up area - but only when she was going around the arena. Inside the rails she was totally focused. That's why I was pretty sure that even the strong wind and the threatening clattering grandstand tent today as well as the roaring applause of our outrider wouldn't upset her. And that's exactly how it was! Bravo!!! That is really super that she is developing more and more tournament routine. And I am more than satisfied with fifth place in a really top-class competition. Hopefully we'll manage another fine round like that in tomorrow's Special. This is also the first Special since the Euro ...

Photo: Becker


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