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Mega Happy with Zoomi and Stolzi

„Zoomi“ and „Stolzi“ competed today in Borken in the Inter II - and I am mega happy!!! For Zoom, who is just 9yo. (owner: Landgestüt Warendorf), it was his first test with Pi and Pa - and yes, WOW, that was a really promising start!!! He did a great job with the piaffes and passages ... and okay, there are a few little things that I have to do better in the future ... Overall it already felt like Grand Prix!!! 71.667 percent - third place. It was also a really good test with Stolzenberg de Malleret (owner: Haras de Malleret) who has only been with me for a little more than two months. He is really fun to work with and has already shown himself to be really confident at times. - I have to get better at that in the future ... I am really satisfied: 70.088 percent and a ranking in ninth place.


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