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New with FRH

Schoene Scarlett and Escamillo have been appointed brand ambassadors of their Hanoverian breeding area, recognisable by their new name suffix FRH. As is well known, Damsey FRH was also allowed to bear this name. I am very happy about this, especially for the breeders and owners Dr. Heidi and Wilfried Bouws ("Scarletti") and Dr. Carolin Langhorst and Kimberley Davis-Slous (Escamillo). Because their heart and soul and their work is in these horses. And it is thanks to them that we are able to ride and train these two great horses. Which is a real pleasure!!! Both horses have developed fantastically when I think of the victory of Schoene Scarlett FRH at the CHIO Aachen and second place at the Burg-Pokal Final and the silver medal won by Escamillo FRH and Manuel at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses. And both horses - without wanting to sound cocky now - still have a lot of potential ...

Photos: Becker u. Lafrentz


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