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Next Level

With the Munich Special, "Mausi" and I have reached another level, as it were. Mausi 2.0, so to speak! I was able to "ride her out" for the first time. In other words, I was able to go beyond the correct technical riding and add that famous touch that makes the performance look not only safe, but effortless and expressive at the same time. Like a ballet dancer who lets go of the barre because he feels confident enough and dances into the space ... I was correspondingly happy that Annabelle took it so well. The strategy of consciously focusing on the correct execution of the lessons has worked for me. It is enormously important to first give the horses a good feeling through many small steps. To make them strong not only muscularly, but also mentally. And now comes the next step - the (controlled) risk, so to speak. In the Munich Special, which was not at all easy due to the outside conditions, the cool temperatures, the wind and the large crowd of spectators, this was really well done - and was rewarded with second place. I am correspondingly happy! And highly motivated, because this millimetre work with the horses is so much fun! Annabelle (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann, ) has now earned her obligatory post-show holiday ...

Photos: Becker


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