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One round further ...

... are Galleria's Summerville, DSP Danny Cool and Escamillo - we are talking about the first World Championships for young dressage horses in Warendorf. Galleria's Summerville once again really recommended himself with an exclamation mark. Under Manuel, the five-year-old Sezuan son impressed with his extremely energetic trot sequence and his really outstanding basic movement. The judges also emphasised this in their commentary and praised the recognisable willingness to collect, the supple transitions and the very active hind legs. Summerville (Owner: Hanwha Hotels &Resorts Co. Ltd.) proved that he is an extremely complete horse with his walk, which was shown with a lot of forward and over stride. And when it comes to cantering, "Sammy" doesn't need to hide - rather, the 60 metres of the long side can be a little tight.

"Danny" did an equally good job in the seven-year-old class. His walk alone puts him in a class of his own. Horses with such a big walk tend to have problems with their rhythm when they have to shorten their walk. Not so DSP Danny Cool (Owner: Margit Eisner): his metronome walk does not change even when he is brought back into the collection. Unbelievable!! And also the traversals, flying changes and pirouettes were done very confidently and expressively, with the judges giving Danny a very good perspective. And yes, I sign that immediately, because Danny is also very strong mentally. A dressage horse by conviction, so to speak. He really enjoys dressage. You can not only feel that - I think you can also see it in his face.

Third was Escamillo (Owner: Kimberley Davis-Slous), who, as last year's Vice World Champion, already has a lot to be proud of. He did not leave the slightest doubt that he would like to have a big say in the decision in the seven-year-old class this year. Manuel presented him and hasn't even ridden him out yet - there are clearly a few more briquettes in there. Escamillo is also blessed with a walk in the "couldn't be better" category. But he also makes you rave about his trot and canter. He also got a great comment from the judges and now, like Galleria's Summerville and DSP Danny Cool, he has another date in August: when the second and final inspection in Warendorf is scheduled - for the nomination for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in September in Ermelo/NED ...



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