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Our winners of the day and further Happy-maker

From the result Ascenzione and Escamillo are clearly our Ankum Dressage Club day winners, but also the performances of Daniela, Fortunio and Fürst Knight were great!

I couldn't be happier!!! Ascenzione (B.: Tiffany Goldman) is just amazing - she has that positive tension, that controllable drive that I think every rider would like to have. Already her way of moving through the body ... hach, there are times when one can lose count in the triple changes out of all the joy about this unbelievable horse - I have to admit it, a real pilot's error. But with 76.429 percent we still had a comfortable lead over the competition.

I am just as happy with the development of Damsey's daughter Daniela (B.: Louise Leatherdale Leatherdale Farms). She now offers me a great riding feeling, and got even better today during the course of the test. This positive feedback - when the horses feel good and give you back this satisfaction and trust with even more willingness to perform - that's what I always enjoy most about working with them. Positive things can only come from positive things. That's why this test with her today was so valuable for me. Of course, there were still a number of small things, but the basic tendency points in exactly the right direction ... and with a score of 70.833 percent, we still finished sixth in the second section of the S* dressage.

In the first division, the sixth place with a score of 70.992 percent went to Fortunio (B.: Yaron Goldman) and Manuel, who again convinced with a very safe round. Fortunio shows great changes and can really be ridden very precisely.

Easy, easier, Fürst Knight EDI (B.: Exclusive Dressage Imports): he is just unbelievably docile and is presented very well by Manuel. The two of them do a top job together and received evenly high scores in the dressage horse L - third place with an overall score of 8.0.

Our Vice World Champion Escamillo (B.: Kimberly Davis-Slous) won his first "real" M* dressage with Manuel (74.293 percent). As with all my horses, it's also about a certain show routine with him. If it works out, I think starts every six to eight weeks make sense, because in my experience, the horses are then super motivated on the one hand and not too excited on the other. As I said, the horses have to find the tournament enjoyable (learn), otherwise they will never be able to realize the potential they have in the test.


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