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"Rubber boot test" passed ...

Vuelve clearly passed the "rubber boot test"!!! Before our dressage horse L in Nienberge, the announced thunderstorm came and it poured like rain. We managed to get into the indoor arena, but had to wait there for a good three quarters of an hour until the 20 x 60 metre pool was recognisable as a riding arena again. At first, Vuelve didn't find it all that funny - and I admit, such "mudflat walks" are not my greatest hobby either. But within two rounds of light trotting she made friends with the situation and didn't let herself get upset at all by the exhibitor's tent that had fallen over. Hats off! She is only five years old, has little match experience and we haven't known each other that long. But, as in Olfen, it worked out great - and the scores went up to 9.0 (trot). With a total score of 8.4, Vuelve (Owner: Team DS Dressage Stable) could not be denied the victory.

Vuelve, Photo: Wegener

Before that it was DSP Danny Cool's turn - in his first advanced level dressage - and in bright sunshine to boot. And it was really super right from the start! I was very happy - also about the 73.849 percent and first place. I have the feeling with "Danny" (Owner: Margit Eisner) that this is only the beginning. His attitude towards the sport is really amazing. He wants, wants, wants - and he can, can, can ... And at the tournament he is with me with every fibre of his body - even though we haven't been a team for too long. It's just fun when you feel that the horses themselves have ambition. Anyway, the traversals, the flying changes and the pirouettes were already very good - even though almost everything can still be improved, of course. We are on a very, very good path.

DSP Danny Cool, Photo: Wegener

Close on Danny's hoofs was Golden Romance de Malleret PS, for whom Nienberge was now his second advanced dressage competition. For me, he is really tailor-made with his medium frame, beautiful and a real eye-catcher as a dark chestnut. And he has top riding qualities, which he proved again here: 72.381 percent and second place. The test itself went very well - and even a bit more expressive than his debut victory in Olfen. Only when we rode up to the pirouette did we come back a little too late for my taste. Otherwise we could even have jumped the pirouette, which was shown in accordance with his age, on a slightly smaller circle. But Golden Romance de Malleret PS (B.: Haras de Malleret) and I will do that better next time ...

Golden Romance de Malleret PS, Photo: Wegener

Kwahu also came second - but in the medium dressage class for young horses. His scores for the basic gaits, the permeability and the overall impression were all between 8.5 and 8.0. The average score was 8.3. He was very well focused and was very easy to ride from lesson to lesson. And he is not afraid of water, as you can see in the video. He also had to go through quite a few puddles in the arena. But this didn't affect his wonderfully light-footed movement. And thanks to his high score he also earned his ticket for the Bundeschampionat. Kwahu (b.: Hörstein Stud and Margit Eisner) has already achieved an important goal for the season.


Another "newcomer" introduced himself with a victory: Legend of Toto Evo - stable name "Toto". A - the name suggests it - son of Toto Jr and also a horse with a lot of potential. Three really great gaits, whereby the walk already deserves the category "extra class". In addition, he has a top character and a high rideability. Eva had already shown him in three medium (M) level tests for young dressage horses and had ridden him to third place twice and second place once. In Nienberge I had the pleasure - and I mean that literally, because Toto (b.: Franziskus S.A.) is just as good to ride at the show as he is at home in training - and the judges liked that, too: 8.6 and first place already with a good distance to the competition ...

Legend of Toto

Great success also for Tesla and Eva - they placed fourth in the M* dressage. For Tesla, who is now seven years old, this was his debut in a "regular" medium dressage. So far, he had proven his talent in young horse competitions up to medium (M) level. Eva showed Tesla for the first time at a competition and it worked right away. The two of them really harmonise very well - also a very nice side picture. And Tesla (b.: Wilhelm Berning) just impresses again and again with his springiness and his presence ... He is becoming more and more stable and that is exactly the aim of the work, to make the lessons look easy and natural.


Sabrina had my two "homebreds" with her: Bambi and Dr. Dee, both bred by me, who placed fourth in the medium (M**) dressage and the medium (M) dressage horse classes with 69.740 percent and 8.0 respectively. Both went really well (especially as Dr. Dee also qualified for Warendorf) and have - I am absolutely sure of it - real talent for even more. And of course, as the breeder of both horses, it is always a bit more emotional for me to see them in the arena and to follow their development. Sabrina did a great job presenting them once again.



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