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Show report from Ankum

So, ladies first, that's why I'm starting my show report today with Zaeta de Malleret and Daniela, who took second (72.698 percent) and fourth (72.183) place in the S* dressage for young horses in Ankum. Both have clearly matured, made a big step forward and were really great to ride.

Zaeta, owned by Haras de Malleret, started with a nicely cadenced trot tour, stretched well in the walk and then also showed uphill in the canter. Only at the end, during the triple changes, did she falter briefly, which of course cost her points. Maybe the last bit of strength was missing at that point. But all in all, a really fine round. This also applies to Daniela, the Damsey daughter bred and owned by Louise Leatherdale. She can carry herself better and better and of course gains in expression. In this way, her three very good basic gaits - inherited from her daddy - come into their own. And she stays with me with her concentration. That was fun. Zoom (owner: NRW State Stud) accompanied the two "ladies" to Ankum and today, after his great second place yesterday in the S* dressage, it was his turn again in the St. Georges. Again he showed great highlights. He is really maturing into a real sensation! We only made a mistake in the four-stride changes, which cost us points - and meant fifth place in the end. It's a pity, but next time we'll surely get them "Zoom-like" again, because his changes are awesome!

Photos: Foto Rüchel/Meisen


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