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Successful premiere

"Mausi" delivered at her first start at the CHIO Aachen!!! And even the crowded spectator stands and the play of light and shadow caused by the floodlights in the dressage stadium didn't really irritate her. We were able to continue on our path of "controlled risk" - but unfortunately we had to accept a few small mistakes in this Grand Prix. But that didn't really dampen my good feeling: Great trot tour with expressive piaffes and passages, relaxed in walk, beautiful pirouettes in canter. If Annabelle (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann) were a human being, I would say she is slowly growing up. In the meantime, she allows me to support her. That's very important, because it's the only way we can get closer to the "attack" mode I prefer. At the same time, at least in my understanding of training, the horse always determines the pace of learning. Accordingly, I hope that we will be able to improve a little in the Special on Friday. Today we came eighth in the Grand Prix of the CDI4* Tour with 73.680 percent ...


Photos: Lafrentz


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