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That's what I call a maximum result!

Both horses, Escamillo and Galleria's Summerville, reached their finals at the World Dressage Horse Championships under Manuel.

Escamillo (owner: Kimberley Davies-Slous) delivered a brilliant performance in the seven-year-old class!!! Admittedly, he came into the stadium in Ermelo and first greeted everyone with a real trumpet whinny. But when you go to such a mega strong test, I think you are allowed to show off a bit beforehand. Unbelievable! Pure goosebumps!!! From the first monument salute to the spectacularly cadenced trot work, the super-duper walk to this luxury canter. Afterwards Escamillo and Manuel were rightly celebrated by the spectators - and go into the final decision on Sunday with a score of 9.5 for trot and perspective as well as 9.0 for walk, canter and rideability. Currently, they still had to rank behind last year's rivals Kjento and Charlotte Fry with a score of 82.965 percent.

I am super proud of Galleria's Summerville (B.: @Sporthorses_Galleria)!!! He is in the final of the five-year-olds with Manuel. In the qualification he was still a bit intimidated by the many indentations. Since he hasn't been to many competitions yet (and certainly not in front of such a World Cup setting), it was an absolutely understandable reaction. In the small final, however, the shyness was largely gone and he was able to show what outstanding possibilities he has. And even that - I know, I'm repeating myself - was by no means all that he has in him!!! With a score of 8.9 for trot, 8.8 for rideability, 8.5 for perspective, 8.4 for canter and 7.8 for walk - a total of 8.48 - and a fantastic second place, he now belongs to the illustrious circle of finalists on Saturday. Let's see what is possible then ...

Thanks!! also to Manuel, who presented both horses really excellently, and of course AC and Christian - and please keep your fingers crossed - for an exciting final weekend!!!

Photos: Lafrentz



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