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The beginning has been made!!

Daniela competed on an international stage for the first time - and did a really, really great job! She was aware of the setting at the VR Classics, but without feeling uncomfortable in any way. She had a very positive tension, from which everything else can be developed. And she already felt quite stable. I was very pleased that the judges were also of the opinion that Daniela (breeder and owner: Louise Leatherdale) is really a good horse: 72.843 percent and first place. When she stands in front of you like this, Daniela is perhaps not the most striking horse, as she is rather small. But when she starts to move, she mutates into an absolute eye-catcher, with an incredible power. And now also more and more carrying power. That's why this St. Georges is not yet the final destination for me, but rather the first base camp ... For me, the fascinating thing about our sport is when what you see in a horse at the beginning of training together can be developed step by step.

Photos: Lafrentz

"Mausi" also delivered and got her first 10 (in words: ten!!!) in the Grand Prix Qualifier for tomorrow's World Cup Freestyle. Amazing!!! For the passage - piaffe - passage on the final line. I am mega happy!!! Because all in all she got super marks up to 9.0 for her highlights in the pi-pa tour, the traversals, the changes and the pirouettes. We even set course for a result beyond 77 percent - which would have meant an improvement of our Personal Best by almost two percent. The fact that we ended up with 76.132 percent (sixth place), "only" a little more than one percent above our previous best result, was due to the fact that Annabelle (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann) was a little faster than my aid for once. Unfortunately, we had a fault in the changes for two strides, which is extremely expensive. She is an electric lady and can now wait for my aids very well. But sometimes it feels as if she thinks I have forgotten to give an aid and then she just does it.... But we'll get a handle on that, especially now that hopefully we'll be able to hold more competitions again and she can develop the necessary competition routine.

Photos: Lafrentz


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