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The first World Cup points are on our account!

Hooray!!! "Mausi" was simply great - and fully "on air". A crazy beautiful riding feeling!!! And on top of that, my favourite music - the Nutcracker Suite, which I think fits Annabelle's light-footed movement perfectly. And the many highlights! Of course, there is always something we can improve. For example, our salute, which Mausi didn't really want to use in Vilhelmsborg to stand still and breathe out - but we'll take that with us as homework for the rest of the training.

I am really happy with Annabelles (breeder and owner: Günther Fielmann) start into the indoor season, especially as the World Cup Freestyle was very well attended in Vilhelmsborg. And with 79.355 percent (sixth place) we almost broke the 80 percent mark for the fourth time in our joint career. Okay, we'll make plans for the next time!



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