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The Short Grand Prix...

A very, very fine, flawless performance!!! "Mausi" - I am just mega proud of you!!! And grateful!!! You did a great job!!! From the moment she entered the arena until the final salute, all of Annabelle's antennas (breeder and rider: Günther Fielmann) were focused on me in the Short Grand Prix of Leipzig. She sensed the atmosphere but became even more motivated to listen to me. That is exactly the feeling you always work towards in training, but which can only be achieved at a show. It paid off that I went to Warendorf twice before Leipzig to train with her. And we also started our journey to Leipzig a day earlier. She simply needs her competition routine. It has to arrive in her head in the truest sense of the word. And then, yes, then everything is possible! Now, of course, I hope that I can preserve this good feeling until the World Cup freestyle on Saturday. Let's see if that works ... But now I'm going to celebrate this great success - 75.019 percent (our second-best Grand Prix result ever) and sixth place - with some bananas for Mausi - after having always spurned them before, we've been eating them with passion since our arrival in Leipzig - and a glass of champagne for Ann-Christin, the team and me.

Photos: Lafrentz


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