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The World Cup season is open

In Herning, Denmark, the qualifying Grand Prix was on the agenda, but it was not the normal Grand Prix that had to be ridden, but a "short version" in which all the tours are shortened. So the lessons come one after the other even faster ... but that didn't impress Mausi at all. Rather the opposite: she feels better and better and gains more and more expression through the increased security. From Balve to Kronberg, Tokyo and then the European Championships in Hagen until now in Herning, she has continuously improved and I am very, very, very happy about that! The trot traversals with a high degree of swing and wide crosses, the flying changes uphill and at the same time wonderfully casually jumped through, the piaffe-passage tour (always one of her highlights) even more powerful. All this can be called up as a matter of course. Amazing! Well, we have a little digestive issue when Annabelle had to muck out just before the pirouette of all things and we didn't lose the beat but turned a bit too big. Of course, that cost us points. But the 74.921 percent, which was shown on the scoreboard at the end, was quite a number - and a new best result, especially as there were some nines in the score sheet. Up to now, 74.457 percent in Salzburg was our "personal record" in the Grand Prix. And in Herning only the 2019 European Championships bronze medallists Cathrine Dufour and Atterupgaards Cassidy, the Olympic silver medallists Carina Cassøe Krüth and Heiline's Danciera as well as the Aachen silver medallists Dinja van Liere and Hermes were ahead of us. That gives us a lot of motivation for the freestyle. Especially as Mausi feels very comfortable in the indoor arena in Herning. Everything is nice and spacious - which she particularly appreciates ... so let's go for it ... !!


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