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This is what makes competition riding fun

In Ankum we had wins number two and three - this time for the "youngsters", namely Galleria's Fabajo in the elementary class for dressage horses and Legend of Toto Evo in the medium class for dressage horses.

Although it was the first time in a long time that both horses had competed in a show - and then in the indoor arena - they showed themselves to be very relaxed and did a great job, to put it bluntly. A sign that their training is going in exactly the right direction.

Legend of Toto Evo scored with his rideability and his overall impression, both of which were rated "very good" (9.0). The trot and canter of the Franziskus S.A. owned gelding by Toto Jr., who last competed in Nienberge in May (where he also won the medium (M) level dressage test), also received high scores (8.5) and a 7.5 for the walk, making a total of 8.5 and the superior victory.

Galleria's Fabajo got a 9.0 for his almost ideal trot - and also for the other characteristics marks from 7.5 to 8.5. On average an 8.2. Thus the - clear - victory was not to be taken away from the Fürst Belissaro son (B.: @Sportpferde_Galleria). Our first start together dates back to the beginning of July, at Hof Bettenrode, where we qualified for the Bundeschampionat for young dressage horses.

Photos: Mhisen



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