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Today was Christmas

- no, actually Christmas, Easter and birthday together. What "Zoni" and "Scarletti" conjured up in the hall sand of Kronberg was simply fantastic. Dancing with Horses ... Both delivered. First and second place in the Burg Cup Final!!! Schoene Scarlett put in 77 percent as the first starter in the Burg Cup Final. Straight Horse Ascenzione "countered" as the final horse: 77.268 percent. Almost a bit crazy: an internal stable duel between two really exceptionally talented mares. And me in the saddle. No, rather on cloud nine! Both felt technically super. And on top of that, this naturally great swinging, this willingness to come back (just by my breathing out and stretching in the seat) and the already really constant-good self-carriage. Riding - just to have fun!!! Do it with a smile!!! I couldn't be more satisfied. Both "ladies" are on the right track, in my opinion. Especially as, let me tell you at this point, both have the Grand Prix "in them" - I am convinced of that. Therefore, Straight Horse Ascenzione and Schoene Scarlett could perhaps even have gone towards the Lousidor Prize this year. But it was important to me to still give them this season in the Small Tour. Take it easy with the young horses ...

Photos: Lafrentz

By the way, this success in the Burg-Pokal has also polished up my record in this competition considerably. My best result, third place, dates back to 2006 with my unforgotten "Resi" (Responsible OLD). Not that I haven't presented a whole series of top horses, such as Suppenkasper, in the Burg-Pokal in the meantime. But I have never stood right at the front ... And the icing on the cake: I was able to celebrate this success with Zoni's owner Tiffany Goldman and her husband. Both of them have now seen their mare live again for the first time - after fifth place at the 2019 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses in Ermelo, because Corona was coming in spring 2020 ... Dr. Heidi Bouws, breeder and owner of Beautiful Scarlett, also kept her fingers crossed in Kronberg. MANY THANKS!!!!! And of course to my team!!!! Because you never write stories like the 30th Burg Cup Final alone ...


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